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In the end, CCP is putting a permanent in-game monument to the battle at that site called "Titanomachy". Anyone know if EA put any in-game monuments to any one action or event held by players? Hell, my character, along with @ a half-million others will be permanently etched into stone in a real world monument in Reykjavik, Iceland.

So do you still wish you weren't playing EVE online?
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Meh, they put "Remember Fray" on Ilum, but it was game wide and didn't really make sense for my server since we had a decent Pub-Imp balance.

Regarding this recent EvE thing, it looks like the total damages are actually $400,000 not $330,000 thousand. So that's one AMAZING battle.

And the monument reminds me of Asheron's Call "Harry."

Oh, God. I wish I had been there for that.
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