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Thanks for the comments. When it comes to Blade Turning, I can't be completely sure that it works again, but I have yet to see an instance of myself taking a M/R attack during it since they said they fixed it. The only way I can think of to prove it still doesn't work is have a log showing a player taking a M/R attack during the 3 second uptime. Saber Ward is indeed a very odd case of a defensive cooldown as I can't think of any other one like it. I assume this is done because it has the two components where one increases defense chance and the other reduces F/T attack damage taken.

As for Crushing Blow, there are times when delaying it could result be a loss, but this assumes that you will actually proc a Retaliation in those 4.5 seconds every time. I'd rather be safe to make sure I get that proc due to how valuable it is, but I can see why it may not work.
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