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02.25.2014 , 12:19 AM | #278
What defines an "Ace" though? This whole thread seems to just be a list of pilots who some people think are pretty good. Shouldn't an "Ace" be held to a higher standard? Someone who changes the flow of battle with their mere presence. There are people that I have flown with/against where I knew immediately that they would have to be dealt with or accounted for throughout the course of the match. People who push whichever ship they are flying to its limit, doing things that are either difficult to counter or hard to stop.

In my opinion these Aces should not be considered as such if they primarily fly only one type of ship. Any half decent pilot can become great if they fly only 1 type of ship for a vast majority of their matches. It is the truly exceptional pilots that can make an impact in multiple roles. I have seen fantastic gunship pilots who were horrible in scouts, or great bomber pilots who couldn't fly a gunship if all they had to do was not run into a satellite. These pilots are good at what they specialize in, but have almost no flexibility. This flexibility is something that is needed to compete against an equally skilled enemy team.

Without naming any names, some of the people on the Pot5 republic list are great pilots, but not Aces in my book. They are very one-dimensional, or merely average when not in their primary class of ship. I won't name names because everyone one the pub list knows me, and I think you are all very good, but not all of you are what I consider to be an "Ace."

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