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Cartel Ships are already considered "Mastered" normally you would have to fight enough to upgrade one of each component to max level to Master that ship, thus gaining the extra 10% ship/fleet req.

I do think the ships are balanced, I do think there is a steep learning curve, and i do think the point is to have a ball .

That being said ... Match-making is horrid. Newbies with basic ships going up against people with upgraded Gunships is a horror. 80% of the matches tend to be one sided. and you can only que 4 from you guild, if you qure more you may end up fighting each other, vs working as a team

Most people will watch your back automatically , as you are a team in these games, however a slew will not, they will just ignore you as you fly by with someone on you, that you cant seem to shake.

All and all its FUN, but cant be frustrating, at the same time, IF you manage to que as 2 4 man teams and end up on the asme side.. *(has happened twice for my guild) its Epic.. teamwork and Squad leaders , people moving as a squad and taking down objectives, its prolly one of my favorite parts of the game. Than again .. I might hit my head one too many times
Thanks for raising this post from the dead... the troll who started it is probably very happy.
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