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02.24.2014 , 11:16 PM | #14
A bomber gets credit for all the kills/assists it's drones do, why shouldn't the drone kills/assists count at least partially so?

Right now drone kills count for nothing in game from what I have seen. When I have been in a game where I haven't killed any players but taken out drones it shows 0 kills for me and only the assists I did against actual players. I don't think you even get any ship req points for them either. I could be mistaken.

Maybe a medal award system for drone kills as for sat defense turrets? With the appropriate nerffed points awarded.

If there is actual evidence or official BW or SWTOR site that list what targets give what points I would like to know.

Yes the points probably need to be nerffed vs ship kills. I mentioned 5 drone kills = 1 ship kill OR at least 1 ship req point per drone..........some kind of reward (again if any given please tell us where this may be verified).

I am not QQing about bombers or the pilots and such. Just want some credit of some kind for killing drones that's all. If I am totally wrong about not getting any credit I apologize, I am not to good about figuring this out.

Thanks for your comments...................bob