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02.24.2014 , 10:36 PM | #104
Yeah, I've given up on GSF. I loved my fully topped out Blackbolt, even if it was a wasp, but at least I got some kills. Now the bombers galump over a spot and seed it with close range mines and drones and the Gunships stand off and kill from the edge of nowhere. I could deal with the Gunships, you can evade them. But gone were the days of zipping in to take out a turret or two, or dogfighting; a Scout class flies into a seeded area and its like going into a bugzapper. Was bad enough when the Gunships could tap you once and then destroy with the mines they don't even have to tap you; you get pretapped. Flew one mission where every Pub was flying a Gunship or a Bomber. We had experienced pilots, 2 gunships, 3 scouts and the rest were in SF's...we got 112 points. Usually I get at least 2-4 kills and half a dozen turrets. I got none, and only 1 turret kill. Got killed nine times. Nine. Usually I may get killed once or twice, but with the lethal mix of bombers and Gunships, was impossible. Gunships I have no problem with; they can be evaded or you can zip up to them and do them damage. Add the bombers and its just ridiculous to fly a scout. Was gearing up a Cartel SF, but just too bored with it now to bother.