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I play on Shadowlands, when I can actually get a match to pop. I run a couple of toons on both sides, so I'm rarely around more than 2 or 3 matches per toon per day. The GSF scene there is horrendous. I've seen 6 v 6 all Pub matches with a Q time over an hour.

My guild used to run pre-made groups at the beginning, but everyone but myself has given it up. The Imp side was so miserable for so long that it scared off most folks.

I do see a few folks that tend to hunt me down when I'm on, but they all seem to have those fancy characters that I don't know how to type. I can definitely second the Rogues and Cymbaline though. I've fought with and against both.
You've had bad luck, then. I have 3 alts I fly with on the Shadowlands and at the worst, I think I've waited 15-20 minutes for a match, and that was abnormal for me. In the evenings it's generally much shorter. Really not all that different from ground PVP, really.

I've seen the Rogues a fair amount and many of them are decent, but no one on the Imps really sticks out to me. There was one guy that was a nightmare for awhile, but I've lost his name since he hasn't been on when I've played, at least in a long while. Another guy in my guild, The Old Timer's Guild, was a really good scout pilot, but I forget what his main's name was for GSF, otherwise I'd suggest him.