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02.24.2014 , 08:54 PM | #101
Here's the problem with bombers, it's mostly bug fixes, but it's also imbalances that need to be worked out:

Bug: Their mines/drones do not respect LoS. You can have an asteroid/satellite between you and it, it will still hit you.
Imbalance: Missile turrets have a blaster cannon on top of the missiles they fire. Too much damage for one weapon imo.
Imbalance: Missile turrets require zero time to lock on and fire. Soon as you're in range, you've got a missile headed towards you.
Imbalance: Rail gun turrets NEVER miss, no matter if you've maxed out your evasion, and pop distortion field to boot.
Imbalance: Turrets have WAY too much HP for something as small as they are. True the mines get one-shot, but so should the drones. They're tiny just how armored/shielded could they possibly be?

So yeah, they need a little work.