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A problem exists one way or the other. What I think really should have been done would be to turn the capital ships into exhaustion zone. Enemy ships would still die to the cap ship lasers and you couldn't camp there waiting for your cap ship to get your kills for you. Just my 2c.

Someone will always find their way around the system, but the way it is, there is no perfect solution. We need to stop pretending there is (even myself with my 2c suggestion) and be happy that we even get upgrades for a game that was saved by F2P. >>> O hhhhhh, I don't mean to start up this ol' debate <<<
Thank you for getting it and reply to it with a good counter response.
Your way does make better sense cause it doesn't make the capital ships useless or pointless.
So let me get this straight you want to add a debuff to keep people from quitting warzones, then you might as well get ready for insults at you and others on the team.