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I play on Shadowlands, when I can actually get a match to pop. I run a couple of toons on both sides, so I'm rarely around more than 2 or 3 matches per toon per day. The GSF scene there is horrendous. I've seen 6 v 6 all Pub matches with a Q time over an hour.

My guild used to run pre-made groups at the beginning, but everyone but myself has given it up. The Imp side was so miserable for so long that it scared off most folks.

I do see a few folks that tend to hunt me down when I'm on, but they all seem to have those fancy characters that I don't know how to type. I can definitely second the Rogues and Cymbaline though. I've fought with and against both.
Imperial side, which I've played with exclusively as Xi'ao since launch, has quick pops whenever I'm on. I guess it's karmic payback for stick to it through a bunch of pub premades farm the solo queuers for a month and a half. What's your pub toon?