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You assume to much my good man. I could care less about you being a premade. I moslty pug cause its all i have time for to be honest. And lets be honest there is a VAST gap between pugs and premades. And if everything done for gsf just over favors premade team. I can promis you this gsf will always stay the giant meh that the majority population thinks of it. And that sucks thinking about it.

Maybe you guys(and bioware it seems) don't want to believe people would walk into a wall of gunships and use the other spawns. But i see it almost daily now.....
My apologies, I don't mean to say that these policies don't make it harder on the losing team, they do. I'm just a bit perturbed by the community here treating pre-mades like they haven't been around for millennia.

Also, all this policy seems to do is favor the winning team. This is going to be a premade most of the time, but it's you folk who are saying premades will always win. That's bad for morale and probably a decent reason why pugs don't do as well as premades.

(Also, most of the time, I solo que, on the side of my server with the worse players, but I've yet to be personally camped because... well there are already two spawns, yes? [also, a starting barrel roll does wonders for breaking walls])
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