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Despite all the advantages (and the easily exploitable bug) of double cluster volley, I still prefer my plasma warheads.

I switched to double cluster and noticed my damage actually went DOWN, not up.

But I think that has to do with my ambush predator playstyle - I seek and destroy and am usually the only person on my target - the plasma warheads keep their shields from regenning if they boost out of range of my burst cannons.
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Quote: Originally Posted by okiobe View Post
I also have a question. It seems as if the second volley of double clusters doesn't have shield pen. If I BR out of the missile lock I will see my outer shield arc go down from the second volley but i don't see any hull damage. Is my assumption true?
It's 40-44 hull damage. The HUD for hull damage isn't very... precise. (I think it shows differences in eighths of the total?) It's probably just not enough to register any change in the UI, which is unfortunate.
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