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Despite all the advantages (and the easily exploitable bug) of double cluster volley, I still prefer my plasma warheads.

I switched to double cluster and noticed my damage actually went DOWN, not up.

But I think that has to do with my ambush predator playstyle - I seek and destroy and am usually the only person on my target - the plasma warheads keep their shields from regenning if they boost out of range of my burst cannons.
^^ this for me as well. I like to get in close to blow them up with burst cannons. Missiles just alert them of my presence. I guess it depends on how much to depend on missiles for that extra damage.

I also have a question. It seems as if the second volley of double clusters doesn't have shield pen. If I BR out of the missile lock I will see my outer shield arc go down from the second volley but i don't see any hull damage. Is my assumption true?
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