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There was no good reason for the asking to begin with. If someone got killed by a capital ship turret, they had bad situational awareness. What was needed was a way to stop people from AFKing for rewards, not removal of spawn protection.

This change will disproportionately hurt new players, which is horrible for the game. Why new players? Because, before this, there was no incentive to actively lure newbies to the capital ship, when you could easily kill them in the open. But there is now no disincentive to push as hard as possible to catch people as they spawn.
You can no longer use the cap ships as an indestructible oneshotting turret to make it win for you, get over it. If the enemy team has a picket line around all 3 of your spawn points and you can't get out from any of then, you lost the match before it even started and this change makes 0 difference.