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Honest question. How does this work against the purpose of powerups?
Fair question. I'll try to explain myself.

One of the primary purposes of powerups is to encourage fights to spread out. Without powerups, TDM would basically turn into a killball at the center that rolls towards the losing team's capital ship. But because they exist, pilots break off from the primary dogfight to look for powerups while letting their shields regen (or, in some cases, simply break off for the sole purpose of finding a powerup).

The existence of capital ship turrets creates a "bubble" where one side or the other cannot fly. Most of the time, this bubble expands as gunships park under the turrets and force enemy pilots back. Again, this encourages spreading out -- if you're on one side of the gunship's firing arc and your buddy's on the other, he can't shoot at both of you. With multiple gunships under cover of the capital ship, you're best off just backing up and making a screen to intercept their scouts and strikes. It's cheesy, but it accomplishes the goal of spreading out forces and preventing the (winning) team from forming a killball.

Without capital ship turrets, there's nothing preventing that killball from rolling onto the enemy capital ship and shooting people as they spawn, unless your scouts and strikes can clear things out enough for your gunships to set up shop -- but if you're pushed back to your capital ship, I don't see that as likely.

The addition of a third capital ship to each side of the map theoretically improves things by making it less obvious where people have gone if they're not spawning in the killball... but I have a hard time believing most people will think to spawn anywhere other than the default location. I could be wrong, though, and I'll certainly be telling my team to spawn elsewhere if we're getting farmed.

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On another note, spawning into a minefield would really suck.
I don't know that that will actually happen. The cooldown on mines might be enough that one person spawns into a minefield while everyone else comes out in the clear and wails on the bomber, or there might be some code in place to prevent you spawning within a certain distance of a mine. On the other hand, neither of those could be true. We'll have to see.

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BW actually does something along the lines that a lot of us have been asking for and howls of derision ensue.

i don't think it'll be as bad as some claim.
I never asked for this. I've specifically asked for them to follow Nemarus' suggestion (multiple hyperspace beacons scattered about the map with randomized spawn locations). The current suggestion is still very predictable, especially given the likelyhood of most players to simply spawn at the default location. That's a huge problem, and my main complaint about the new system.
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