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New patch notes:
"Capital Ships in Galactic Starfighter’s Team Deathmatch mode will no longer fire at opposing players"

Cap ships were indeed a problem, but removing their turrets will lead to spawn point camping.

What needed to happen instead is moving the spawn points much further back so that respawning players would actually have some time to go evasive and avoid some of the blockade. Without guns you will need to give respawned players a short invulnerability (and no firing back) window, otherwise it will be 2 rows of gunships killing everything or minelayers saturating the spawn point.

Yes, you can always use the other spawn point if one is being camped, but this will inevitably lead to one side separated into two groups and easy to kill, or getting strung out and killed one by one.

Something had to be done, but this is just taking one problem and replacing it with a potentially worse problem.
Finally, the Jedi Covenant Imperial modus operandi of parking 3-4 gunships in a picket line 15km from the capital ships every TDM will be rendered moot.