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Yeah cause mines do 10k damage a pop, right? A fleet of bombers would be slaughtered by any half-competent assortment of pilots as there is literally no cover whatsoever anywhere near the cap ships.
They don't need to, really, and competence isn't the question. (Since if you've been pushed back to both spawn points already we can assume matchmaking has failed, and the pushing team is much more skilled than the pushed.) Drop enough mines and drones in the spawn zone and you will be dead before you can actually boost away.

About the only limit will be that you can't get more than 50 kills in a TDM, so you probably don't have time to farm more than a few minutes.

Granted this won't happen in balanced (or even semi-balanced) games, but on my server about 50% of matches end up completely lopsided one way or the other. The others pretty much end up 1000 - 100ish or 50 - 10ish depending on the mode.