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The Index of SW:TOR Fan Fiction by Author

The Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread (with chronological index)
The Alternate Universe Weekly Challenge Thread
Authors who have participated in these challenge threads will be marked with a star by their names in the following listing. If an author you're enjoying is starred, check out the Short Fic's index to find the short pieces they've posted there!

Poems for Companions


A Simple Snatch and Grab by alaurin*
Deception in the Ranks: The Fallout of Operation Landslide by alaurin*
Driven by the Bonds of Family by alaurin*
The Love of Family Makes Us Stronger by alaurin*

It Cannot Be Helped by AlyxDinas

Records of the Great Shadow: The Legend of Tulak Hord by annla

The Journal of Darth Siniss by Anubitz

The Lost Archives of a Sith Warrior by Arianwin

The Kallig Chronicles by AshlaBoga

Treachery and Healing by Atrilial


The Independent Transporter by BakaGrappler
On the Ground by BakaGrappler

The Lady of War Compendium by Bakarn

Interrogation by billyrayjoebob
Couriers of the Monkey-Lizards by billyrayjoebob

Hearts of Havoc by BossaMatam
Let Us Begin by BossaMatam

Companion Holiday Drabbles by bright_ephemera*
Companion KotFE Friendship Letters by bright_ephemera*
The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare by bright_ephemera*
The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare: Fallen by bright_ephemera*
There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath by bright_ephemera*
No Death, Only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles by bright_ephemera*
No Death, Only Wrath: Volume 3 by bright_ephemera*
The Light From Dromund Kaas by bright_ephemera*
Ruth Means Compassion by bright_ephemera*
Don't Call Them Ruth-Less: Tales of Wynston and Quinn by bright_ephemera*
Lodestone: A Wynston/Ruth Alternate Universe by bright_ephemera*
Spoiler Warning: Imperial Agent Aggerton Warwiggins by bright_ephemera*
Spoiler Warning: Sith Warrior Sevasht Warwiggins by bright_ephemera*
Overcoming Adviercity: A Trooper's Tale by bright_ephemera*

Hand of the Sith by Buckhodgkin

Path of Confusion - A Sith Warrior's Story by Bugisttod


Parents by Caernos*
Red Invitation by Caernos*

Bound By Ties of Blood and Oath by CapnJayde*

Luminous by Charmedseed*
Luminous (Revised Edition) by Charmedseed*

The Odd Chronicles of Chi'Kami Aizune by Chidoriookami

Slave Soldier by CNS_Sarajevo*

Second Chances by ConspicuousTree


Resignation of Fate -- A Completed Star Wars Novel by Daelyn

Wraith by DarkestDaemon

The Saga of Darth Eminok: Rise to Power by Darth_Eminok

Master and Apprentice: Secrets of the Sith by Darth Slaine
The Girl with the Jawa Tattoo by Darth Slaine

Through Victory by DevilFrog

The Journal of Adaela Ul'Koth by Duchess of Dork


Force of Wills (part 1) by Earthmama*
Force of Wills: The Ties That Bind (part 2) by Earthmama*

The Cost of Doing Business by elliotcat*
Running in the Family by elliotcat*

Sight Of The Force by ErikModi
The Slave by ErikModi

Beyond Good and Evil by Euphrosyne*

An Eternal Parasite of the Heart by Eversteam*
My Fury Is My Own by Eversteam*
Any Way You Want Me by Eversteam*
The Hammer Strike by Eversteam*
Out of the Airlock by Eversteam*
When I Wake by Eversteam*
Hypocrite by Eversteam*
Yours to Hold by Eversteam*
The Life That's Left by Eversteam*


Trouble, Destiny, and Other Complications by frauzet*
Nothing Else Matters by Fungihoujo


The Ways of the Force: Business by GCRust

A Soldier's Journey by General_Malor

The Barely Legal Jedi by Gestahlt
Memoirs of a Mandalorian by Gestahlt
The True Story of Revan, Savior of the Republic by Gestahlt



The Man in the Box by iamthehoyden*
My Name is Solomon Crae by iamthehoyden*

Water Thicker than Blood by imnotawitch*

Never Forget by imperialmerc

The Message by Inama
Reluctant Killer by Inama

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - The Hero of Tython by Ipooprainbows

From Brute to Silly: The Life of Ald by irishfino*
The Misadventures of Mischievous Malavai by irishfino*
Ninety Seven Percent by irishfino*
Quick Quinn Quotes by irishfino*

Not MY Choice by Irrissa*


Varactyl - tales of a Cathar Smuggler by Jaiddyn

Aviditas by Jenovan
Forging Fortune by Jenovan


Aiden Lanic Angel Smuggler by kabeone*
Remi the Grey by kabeone*
Tales from Remi's Galaxy by kabeone*
Knightless by kabeone*

Love the Force and Everything: a Story Arc by Kalenath

Thoughts and Musics by KimbriOnasi

How to Become an Imperial Agent in Four Easy Steps by Kinnu

Star Wars Epoch by Klannad
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Rewrite by Klannad

Trial of Revan by Ksun


Crimson Revelations by Ladywhiterose and Princey

I Remember Me by Lesaberisa*
One Light in the Darkness by Lesaberisa*

Taganox: A Chance of Peace by locketcoket

The Foundation of All Desire by Lunafox*
Marr by Lunafox*
Spy vs. Spy by Lunafox*
The Well of Undying by Lunafox*


This is my Only Goodbye by M. Pence/Jahnya

The Diary of A Pubescent Padawan by MaceTowanii

Always a Plan by Magdalane*
Iresso's Dilemma by Magdalane*
Casualties on Corellia by Magdalane*

Evil Occurrence by MasterDarvon

Legacy of Darkness - A Fanfiction Trilogy by MayhemofChaonus

A Fool's Crime by miladydeallseaso

She Who Battles Monsters: An Assassin's Tale by Mirdthestrill*

Flip of the Coin by MishaCantu
Forget Me, Remember Voss by MishaCantu
Long Odds and Dames by MishaCantu

Hunter by mustardcheese



The Time Displaced Sith by OfficerDonNZ
Time Displaced Sith - Alternate version by OfficerDonNZ and Arianna-Vitani

Don't Stop Believing by OneShotTC*

The Academy: Acolyte Ascension by Osetto
Amongst Stars: Torrid Squadron by Osetto
Amongst Stars: The Dawn Eclipse by Osetto
Executors of Logistics: The Misfits by Osetto
Exponent by Osetto
Fight or Flight by Osetto
Galactic History: The Jedi Archives by Osetto
Guiding Lights by Osetto
Imperial Special Projects: The Seven by Osetto
No Lords, No Masters by Osetto
Tools of the Trade by Osetto



The Writings of Lord Coriolis of the Tal'mahe'Ra by Qualthis


Family Promise by Rafaman

Fate of the Empire by Redsaynsixtysix

Clan Veil'Kesh - A Deadly Debt by Rezearz

Vengeance Through Shadows by Rogan Lovse

The Journey into Darkness, an Acolyte's Journal by RulithBarakis


Tears of the Force by Silthir

In the Shadows - A Smuggler's Tale by SilverShadows

Encounters of a Bartender in a Galaxy Far, Far Away by StarHunterChaser
Path of Destruction, Sith Warrior by StarHunterChaser

Cleaner One, Saga of a Reluctant Agent by Striges*
Failure is Always an Option by Striges*
The Strange Case of Dr. Quinn and Mr. Pierce by Striges*

In Which Boundaries are Discussed by Sugarmaple

PAWN: Private Party by SwortzForce
House of Vul'canis by SwortzForce


Rauken Starstrike: Juggernaut of the Empire by Tavek-Rauken

The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, episode I – The Hunted Jedi by TerrekCorso
The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Legend of Terrek Corso, episode I – A New Destiny by TerrekCorso
The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Legend of Terrek Corso, episode II – In Darkness Raised by TerrekCorso
The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Legend of Terrek Corso, episode III – Mandalorian Menace by TerrekCorso
The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Legend of Terrek Corso, episode IV – Temple Fall by TerrekCorso

A Crisis of Haberdashery by thatghost*
Grey. Red. Black. by thatghost*

There Is Only Passion by The_Dark_Lord

The Fall of the Duality by Twiget

Knights of Shadow Nights of Passion by Tyrusstorm



Step Up and Impress Me-The Romance of Lord Cytharat and Cipher 8 by vadess
To Cipher the SiS by vadess

Diary of a Ghost by Vashy

Heir to Chaos by Ventessel

Afterimages by Vesaniae*
Afterimages: Reign of Night by Vesaniae*


Heralds of the Fall - The False Empire by wangxiuming
Heralds of the Fall - The False Sith by wangxiuming

Anakin Skywalker vs Cin Drallig by Wolfninjajedi
What would you do for love? by Wolfninjajedi


Sith Happens: The Chronicles of J’mpok Mogh by Xakthul*


Legacy of Destruction by YoshiRaphElan*
Life Aboard the Thunderclap by YoshiRaphElan*
The Life of Lieutenant Pierce by YoshiRaphElan*

STAR WARS: The Amaranthine Wrath by ZariellCousland