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02.24.2014 , 12:53 PM | #1
Many thanks to Bright for keeping this up for so long. With her leaving, I volunteered to take over indexing the fanfic available on this forum. I'll keep the existing format since it's very user friendly and if you'd like to have your story thread(s) included in the list, please give me the following information (yes, I stole this directly from Bright's post):

  • Title: Story Title
  • Link: link (should be on this forum)
  • Author: Author's username (please only submit your own stories, but it'll save me a tenth of a second's effort if you put your username in line with the rest of your info)
  • Class: If applicable, the in-game class of the main character (make it clear which one is your main, unless it's an ensemble piece); please also list the classes of the remainder of your regular cast

If you wish, please also post a blurb describing the premise of your fic! I won't copy it into the index, but curious browsers can always locate it within the thread.

*Last Update: 5/9/2016