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A sidebar on Saber Ward… To the best of my knowledge, Blade Turning is still bugged. I would be very interested to see a log which demonstrates that it is actually working correctly, but I haven't seen it function at any point to date. The second, more interesting note is that the Saber Ward tooltip is bugged. It claims that it increases defense by 50% and reduces damage from force/tech attacks by 25%. The latter is what is inaccurate: it reduces all damage by 25%, but not in the conventional way.

Saber Ward appears to be unique from the perspective of game mechanics. It doesn't reduce your incoming damage in the same way as Invincible or the like. Instead, it computes an absorb shield (like Sonic Wall) based on incoming damage, not based on bonus healing (this is what is unique). For every attack which hits, regardless of attack type, 25% of the damage ultimately applied will be "absorbed". You can see this in both flytext and combat logs. This actually makes Saber Ward a much stronger cooldown than it appears on the surface, since it really isn't limited to a particular damage type (though clearly the 50% defense is still its strongest component).

Anyway, very nice guide! I'm still thinking a bit about the Crushing Blow delay, since I'm not 100% convinced that delaying it is actually a DPS gain. In current content, you should be hit by a defendable attack once every 1.3 seconds (give or take). With an effective 40% defense chance (accounting for low accuracy, etc), that means you should defend every 3.25 seconds, which leaves a full m/r hit worth of error margin before the ICD of Retaliate comes up. Additionally, the ICD of Retaliate does not evenly divide the cooldown on Crushing Blow. Thus, you could be getting perfect proc rates on Retaliate and thus see absolutely no DPS jump from the auto-proc on CB, but you would still end up delaying Crushing Blow by at least a GCD each time when following the priority queue you lay out, thus strictly a DPS loss. There is probably some way to mathematically characterize the m/r swing timer at which it becomes advantageous to delay Crushing Blow. I'll give that some thought…
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