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02.24.2014 , 12:38 PM | #6
You have to understand the "contributing" rules if what is important to you is maxing out ship-req.

1. Avoidance-flying over a neutral satellite, while it may help your team win, is not Contributing.
2. Laying a bunch of mines/drones and then hiding off some place in wait is not Contributing, even if your mines/drones do damage to enemy ships.
3. Being shot at, running away to avoid being killed is not considered Contributing. You need to hit stuff yourself.

If just winning is important to you, you're best off not paying any attention to the "Contributing" message. Yes, the Contributing message popping up for a brief time will massively debuff your overall results. But are you playing for wins or ship-req?

If playing for ship-req, let them cap, then take it back. It is more efficient.
If playing for ship-req, play the ship you want req on, not the one the team needs.
If playing for ship-req, just play for it, don't complain you sometimes get more for a loss in which you make sure to love-tap the Contributing system.
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