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02.24.2014 , 12:16 PM | #24
The other day I had an opening purple patch while levelling a character and a bomber. Team deathmatch.
Then the enemy camp at their capital ship. Five gunships sally forth and park. No way a bomber can plant mines while facing down capital ship's guns, 5 gunships and a 1/2 dozen other players. - Minelaying relegated to behind the asteroids..... then "Not contributing" flases up. The souped-up scouts on my team start hoovering up the power-ups.

- Final scorecard:

4th place with 20 kill assists. 6 kills. A Dozen medals.

Me: ****! 'Not contributing' my rear end! Stupid Stupid! stupid!

I love GSF. But I'm only average at best. - only usually in the top 10 - But trying to level a bomber with the enemy around their homeship..... I might as well throw pebbles at the moon! - AND less Req to spend at the end. - I'd be better off launching and AFK-ing FFS!

Same with domination. Cap node, plant mines. Enemy avoids, suddenly non-contribution.... Grr!

Really AFK : Sure: Award Zero req, no count to dailiy/weekly, I fully support that.

-but trying hard, with no luckand getting nerfed. ....That's a sure-fire way to kill GSF for the newbies!


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