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There is frustration for all ship types in game, so it shouldn't just be about bombers. Playing a great match where you do a great job, is spoilt by the text buffer giving you, what I'm going to call a punch in the face. Followed by the scorecard with you near the top and the pitiful req score being the kick in the teeth to make you feel like you've wasted your time. Being called a liar by BW doesn't make for a good long term experience.
For the last time - We ARE contributing.
Yeah this system is goofy. I was running from a swarm last night (I guess I killed the gunship they were trying to protect) and eventually they got me. While I was respawning I got the non-contributing tag and as soon as I was done and started moving it went away. What I hate about this is that I have heard the way it works if you get it for any length of time at all you are already taking a 20% hit to req.