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In fairness to the devs, coming up with code to do a good job of telling if people are participating or not is not really that easy, especially if you have a lot of other tasks to work on and not all that much time.

After all, have any of us written a good pseudocode for this and sent it in to them? No, because it would be complicated, time consuming, and a lot of hard work. They don't have a magic code wand they can wave to solve complex AI problems with a couple of lines of simple code.
You are right it is not easy. I will give them that. However, are you honestly asking that their customers design solutions for them? Do you contend that they are not competent enough or do not have the resources to do it properly?

They are a supposedly a fully staffed and funded game development team with designers and developers that have years of experience. In this context it should be quite easy to design and implement a proper system.

It is deeply concerning that they continue to keep such half hearted designers and developers on the team. Especially when there are hundreds of developers out there that would kill to have an opportunity to work for Bioware.
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