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Well prior to this implementation of the GSF non-contributer system it was broken in that people could AFK for the dailies with impunity.

Which they did mostly because with the staged gated combined with no useful matchmaking balance made for a fairly horrendous experience when new players encountered a steep learning curve and were required to climb it with crappy gear. That some of them decided to try to gear up before attempting to climb it was perfectly rational on their part, and as annoying as it is in some respects, isn't really any more unfair on their part than it is unfair of pilots of mastered ships with 3 extra months of experience to shred them in every single match.

Still, with a sea of complaints on the forum the developers took note and responded, . . . .

by breaking the non-contributer system in a new way where it just tags everyone as a non-contributer and punishes them harshly for not contributing.

In fairness to the devs, coming up with code to do a good job of telling if people are participating or not is not really that easy, especially if you have a lot of other tasks to work on and not all that much time.

After all, have any of us written a good pseudocode for this and sent it in to them? No, because it would be complicated, time consuming, and a lot of hard work. They don't have a magic code wand they can wave to solve complex AI problems with a couple of lines of simple code.

Of course, that's small consolation to players who based on play experience might be forgiven for coming to believe that Bioware has a job position titled "Project Mangager for Making Sure GSF Play Experience Isn't Too Much Fun".

If we drown them in complaints about slow release pace, we shouldn't be too surprised if in an effort to answer that demand we get content that hasn't had more than a cursory test/debug phase.
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