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again with the bombers, i've flown them and they take skill, at least the 2500 ones.
So have I, and I would argue that all of the ships (gunships and bombers included) take skill to fly effectively. (The post was primarily snark.)

For example, I do great in scouts, okay in bombers and strikes, but totally suck at gunships. I also die far more often to strikes and scouts than to gunships or bombers. If I were to extrapolate out from my personal experience it would suggest that gunships are far too underpowered. I don't believe that, of course, as I know many very effective gunship pilots on both sides. But we can see how taking personal experience only, then exaggerating it to an extreme level, can lead too overstatements like the subject on this thread.

The classes are mostly balanced, and all can be flown effectively by pilots who know what they are doing. Are tweaks needed? Certainly. Is the game broken? No.