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02.24.2014 , 04:51 AM | #19
Flew a Minelayer into a TDM yesterday, placing HSBs at strategic points on the map as circumstances dictated. Dropped mines around the HSB to defend it. Circled the area(s) to defend them. Continually got the "You are not contributing" message. Wound up with 1 kill, 1 assist and ZERO Reqs. The match was a complete waste of my time.

Devs, please tell me, did I not contribute to our victory? Is it my fault the opposition made few attempts to take out my mines and HSB? I was flying a Bomber, for God's sake. Am I really expected to chase down Scouts and Strikes with a flying brick and engage in a dogfight? If this is the case, just take Bombers out of the game.

I even went so far as to fly into a massive dogfight and drop my mines in the middle of it. A lot of good that did. I was dead before I could escape the area. Chalk a point up for the other team, and no credit for me.

The screen says "Do damage or interact". Since mines are stationary, I cannot control whom they attack, or whether the opposition will come close enough for them to do damage. If I chase powerups, am I interacting? How is my team benefiting from my chasing Pups just so I can receive Reqs?

Bear in mind, this is all TDM-related in terms of how a Minelayer is supposed to contribute and receive credit for just doing its job. Somebody from the Dev staff should address this issue publicly, so we know BW's stance on this.
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