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I routinely get the "you are not contributing" message on my GS as well. As soon as there are some decent pilots on the other time, I will spend a good chunk of time trying to evade destruction without getting of a shot. It really feels like a kick in the face if after such a game not only my score card is poor, but I also loose more than 50% requisition because I had to fly for my life.
It's completely ok to be denied kills/assists/whatever by a good opposition but to be marked as "non contributing" because being pressed into defense doesn't let you hit someone feels broken ..
The worst part is, you are still contributing to your team because you are often taking multiple enemies out of the fight as they chase you all over the damned map.

Hell, I had a match of TDM the other night in my Pike, where I started out on a roll. I was responsible for like 12 of my team's first 25 kills. But then the enemy realized what was happening, and I had 4 scouts on my tail the rest of the match, and only managed 3 more kills. At one point, I died, respawned, killed an enemy, and immediately had 1/3 of the enemy team chasing me again. At the end of the match, despite having 15 kills and a bunch of assists (even though I was on track for a lot more before getting focused), I ended up getting crap for Req because I ended up "not contributing" while running for my life.