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because sometimes, despite stating your intentions, you have to work out what people are doing. When flying a minelayer I have to see if someone is going to come with me. Afterburning until it runs out and finding I'm on my own causes problems. Mesa map can be particularly troublesome, though if I get to sat C from the west spawn on my own, I can drop my beacon and we get it. My point is - I'm not happy to have my req nerfbatted because I'm looking at the map to find where I'm best used.
This actually applies to everyone after the initial spawn as well. Currently, you are punished for *not* immediately respawning and zerging the nearest node. Many times, that is a terrible idea, and you are better off waiting for a few more people to respawn so you can hit an enemy node as a group, rather than flying in one at a time and getting slaughtered.