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Im sorry but thats a terrible approach. In game im a sith sorc heal spec. Ive run plenty of PUGS with terrible tanks who think they only have to solo attk one target and i end up having one mob on them and three mobs on me.

If you tank it is your job to grab all the targets. At least start with one and and chain that melee to a ranged then to another ranged mob.

Its like people dont have the slightest clue about healing aggro and stand there tanking one mob fight after fight while the cloth wearing healer actually takes all the damage. You can "get away" with it on trash pulls but ive had tanks do the same thing on boss pulls. That 4 mini boss pull on Mand Raiders with a bad tank and your approach Pfft.

You do your job i do mine. Dont make me do both thats just lazy, and crap ...
lazy? really? when ive got one taunt thats 15 seconds cd, and one aoe taunt thats 45 seconds cd and one skill (backhand) that generates threat that has a 60 second cd at level 34, how exactly do you think i can get them all when we're fighting 8 mobs?

lazy, wow, your post is just plain ignorant.
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