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With the current setup gun ships do have an incredible advantage. They have the range to take out drones with ease and the ion can take out fighters and scouts.

None of this is a major issue if it wasn't for the sitting on the cap ship or barrel rolling to them as soon as they take the first bit of damage and then can hide behind the turrets till whoever is after them has to pull away as they can't close the gap.

Even more so in the lost shipyard if you are republic as you can see point B straight from the cap ship.
For the 100000x time:

If an enemy squad camps the cap ship successfully with gunships, it is only because your team continues to approach too close and allows them to do it.

Stop taking the bait.

Having said that, there really isn't much you can do when even 1/4 of your team are noobs who don't take orders, as obviously despite your winning tactics, these noobs will continue feeding them kills until you are well into a loss, which may force you to approach in turn, hoping to snag a few kills to pick the game back up, but you can't compete with a cap ship.

Sometimes your bad tactics of pwning the other team forces them onto the cap ship because you decide to take your pwnsquad to their doorstep then start losing and blame the cap ship.
Who's at fault in this scenario?
Surely not the gunship that can reach it's cap ship with a barrel-roll.

I fully understand, but the problem here is the dim-witted players, not the game mechanics.
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