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02.23.2014 , 06:16 AM | #151
ok I have read a lot of the posts on this subject and I have to say a few things.

1. I have learnd that apparently there are many forms of trolling and I suspect that the OP was one such form simply because it seems to be intentionaly designed to start an arguement or fight (and it seems to have worked btw)

2. it seems there are many differant ways to offend and outrage as I have read several posts in this subjects forum that I found insulting, enrageing, and flat out offensive to me personaly and if I was regulateing this stuff Id have those posters banned from forums for it (this is an example of how voulunter mediation simply wont work)

3. to all those in here screaming that this is about enforceing the rules and takeing the holyer than thou honest is that realy what this is about or are you just succumbing to the human nature that it is to dominate another human being in some way shape or form ( a sad but true fact of the world).

and finaly I personaly dont pay enough attention to general chat to be offended or hurt by the grade A stupid that goes on because most of the time it doesnt concern me...and when I am the target of gay bashing or rape jokes and the like I simply laugh it off irl and continue playing the game happy in the knoledge that I will never meet those ppl in real life. and I realy wish more ppl could be that logical and or senseable but I digress no one here will realy listen to my words anyway im sure ( and I am equaly sure this post will be attacked by one or more ppl who just simply dont like hearing the cold hard trouth)

I appologise for spelling and punctuation errors...problem is Im a lazy typer and thats just me.