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You should be crying that you WEREN'T there! It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. 21 hours of a dust-up because someone forgot to pay their sovereignty bill (or didn't have enough money in their auto-pay guild account).
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Like you and Callaron, I don't think this is the game for me either. I don't mind investing some money in a game I enjoy, but not to the tune of thousands upon thousands, and especially like you say, to lose it in a matter of seconds.

The heartbreak would be enough to make me stop. It would be too painful. I get attached to my little avatars and belongings and losing them in a snap of the fingers...holds no appeal for me.
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I think they didn't report how much people can make because it's not really related. Anyway, my point was that I'm not into losing $5000 in one battle
Almost none of those people lost any REAL-WORLD money. Someone may have short cut something here or there and bought PLEX and sold it in-game for quick isk, but 99.99% didn't lose anything more than a few hours of their life in a fight that they will remember for the rest of it. PvP at it's best.

Remember when everyone started crying about the cost of repairing gear? It's the same thing here, except you replace as well as repair. You can't die in the game. You just lose things. It's just sometimes the thing you lose is your body. Worry not, you've got at least one other in a cryo-tube somewhere ready to wake when the current one gets lost.

HERE is the info on the whole thing right from CCP.

I'll take out the best parts
7,548 total combatants from both coalitions.
Counting all combatants in the main dust up, plus the support skirmishes and gate camps to ambush reinforcements. 2000+ players in a single battle makes 24 man Ops look like child's play.
This wasn’t the largest single battle in terms of numbers of participants in system at once. That record still belongs to the battle for 6VDT-H, which reached 4,070 pilots in system.
Totals destroyed:

• Titans – 75 (74 in system, one on its way to the fight) N3/PL lost 59 titans and CFC/DTF lost 16 titans
• Titan losses by type: Gallente Erebus – 37, Amarr Avatar – 25, Minmatar Ragnarok – 13, Caldari Leviathan - 0
• Supercarriers – 13 (12 in system, one as it tried to escape the system)
• Dreadnaughts – 370 (356 in system, 14 in connected skirmishes as both sides attempted to stop the other from bringing reinforcements)
• Carriers – 123 (109 in system, 14 in connected skirmishes as both sides attempted to stop the other from bringing reinforcements)
• And lots more smaller ships and probably a bajilion drones and fighters
Google some vids on this. Watching is a struggle as it is slowed due to an enforced lag to basically prevent server lag. This way everyone experiences the same time dilation and the fight remains fair. Look at it as EVE bullet time. Think of how much you can do when the time dilation is 10:1 (every ten minutes of real-time is 1 minute of game-time). I'm surprised that I could not find a converted vid showing the fight in what would be real-time. Someone did one, but got the time conversion incorrect. They went to 100:1 rather than the 10:1 ratio.

Frame of reference for the uninitiated.
In comparison, the previous record for largest single battle Titan losses was a tie between battles in “O2O” and “Uemon”, with 12 total Titans destroyed in each.

Approximately 775 doomsdays were fired, which is about 24% of all the doomsdays fired in the last two years inclusive. The Battle for HED-GP, which preceded this one in the Halloween War, had about 200 doomsdays.

The Economic Impact
According to some PLEX conversions that could equate to approximately $300,000-$330,000 USD.
In the end, CCP is putting a permanent in-game monument to the battle at that site called "Titanomachy". Anyone know if EA put any in-game monuments to any one action or event held by players? Hell, my character, along with @ a half-million others will be permanently etched into stone in a real world monument in Reykjavik, Iceland.

So do you still wish you weren't playing EVE online?
If anyone wants to get a 21 day pass to EVE, send me an email.

Fly safe! o7
It's amazing how loud a dollar can be.
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