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There are 2 different things going on: the non-contributor message and the afk message. The afk message does not seem to have any impact on your reqs. The game seems to think that your toon is afk on fleet (or wherever you were when you got the queue pop) while you are in a GSF game, and it gives you the afk message. This does not have any effect on your reqs. On the other hand, if you get the message that you are not contributing, you WILL lose reqs. By the time you see the message it is already too late to prevent this (it seems like the base amount you lose just for getting the message is about 20-25%), but the longer you stay "inactive", the more reqs you lose.

The inactivity system is currently broken, as it marks players as inactive even when they are not. You will be marked as inactive if you fail to HIT someone (not just shoot, but actually hit) for more than 1 minute, or interact with a satellite in the same period of time (but it only works if it's a friendly sat, or a neutral/enemy sat with nobody in range to prevent you from capping it).

This issue happens to most types of ships, not just bombers. Gunships are probably the least likely to get it because of their longer range, which makes it easier for them to find something to hit. I have been marked as inactive and lost 25-30% of my reqs in the following situations, while flying either a scout or strike fighter:

1) In a deathmatch, I was in the middle of a dogfight against a player who was extremely difficult to hit. He was flying evasively, zooming around asteroids, using his distorsion field active ability every time it was off CD, etc... I just couldn't hit him. I was marked as inactive while I was shooting my blasters at him!

2) In a deathmatch, flying a scout or strike fighter, with several skilled players on my team flying gunships. They kept killing my target with their rail guns before I could get in range to hit it with blasters, or complete a missile lock on it. Eventually, I was marked as inactive, as every target I went after died before I could actually hit it.

3) In a deathmatch, when the entire enemy team is sitting at their capital ships on gunships. This usually happens when they get pushed back by a superior team, but sometimes it is deliberately planned from the start. In one particular game, 7/8 of the enemy team were flying gunships and never left their capital ship, even at the start of the game. They just waited there for my team to come to them. As a scout/strike fighter pilot, my only option is to suicide once a minute to reset the timer, because I have no way to get in range to hit any of the enemy ships without getting killed by the capital ship turrets. This is extremely poor design.

4) In a game where my team was getting farmed, I wanted to type some advice in chat after I got killed, before hitting the "ready button", but I got marked as inactive just for wanting to communicate with my team. Another time, I got marked as inactive after getting killed because I spent a few seconds looking at the map and enemy ship list to decide whether I should use another spawn point or another type of ship. There really should be a 15-20 seconds grace period after dying, before you have to hit the ready button.

Other situations that can cause you to be marked as inactive (this hasn't actually happened to me but happened to other players):

5) In domination, when preventing multiple enemies from capturing a neutral satellite. This requires flying defensively, just trying not to get hit, rather than trying to get into a good position to hit someone. It is absurd that tying up 4-5 enemies and preventing a cap is considered non-contributing, while going afk at a friendly sat for most of the game is considered contributing (I did this once, in a horribly lop-sided match: I parked my ship under a sat when the score was 400-1, with the enemy being spawn-camped, and I went to get a drink. When I got back to my computer a couple of minutes later, the score was 800-1 and I was still considered "contributing").

6) In any game mode, while being chased by multiple players and trying not to die.

The saddest thing about this, is that players who afk at the cap ship because they just want to complete the daily can still do it and complete their daily. The players who are the most affected by the penalty are players who are already done with their daily/weekly and see their reward greatly reduced while they are in fact trying to contribute to the game. I think that, instead of taking reqs away, the penalty for going inactive should be to not get credit for completion of the daily and weekly. That way, players who play a lot and get accidentally caught by the system would not really get penalized, while players who afk to do the daily would not be able to do so anymore.

Also, players who are sitting within their capital ship's turret range to prevent enemy players from getting at them in deathmatch should be automatically marked as inactive after 20 seconds or so. Another solution would be to remove capital ship turrets in deathmatch.