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Bioware, I have a few questions to ask, and hopefully there'll be some sort of answer:

1) Force Sweep now requires a Primary Target to activate. First off, is this change really needed? It does nothing to nerf Focus spec at all. All it nerfs is the other 4 specs, who now no longer have the ability to interrupt targets behind them without targetting them (or wasting Awe) and they can't pop Stealthers with a well times Sweep anymore.

Is there any reasoning behind this change? Did Bioware actually weigh out the pros and cons of this and decide that the nerf to the other 4 specs is justified? If so, how?

Or am I misreading it, and this restriction on Sweep is only intended for Focus spec, and Sweep remains unchanged for the other specs.

2) Focus is an incredibly unviable spec without it's high AoE burst. I understand that the damage Focus was doing was overtuned, but come 2.7, Sweep is just an incredibly strong single-target ability with a moderate AoE component.

Except, now this single-target ability is affected by the 30% AoE damage reduction that various classes have (including this class itself). When we go up against anyone with that talent spec'd into, they don't even have to pop a DCD to nullify a third of the damage we're gonna do to them. That defence is justified pre-2.7 because we're hitting between 2 to 5 targets for 7-9k damage. But now, we hit 1 target for 7-9k, and the other 1-4 for about 2-5k damage. If the primary target happens to have that talent point, we're pretty much screwed. The hardest we can hit them is 6k, followed by about 3k to all the others, which is nowhere near enough burst to actually kill something.

Has Bioware considered the above factors before designing these changes? Are these going to be solved, or has it been decided that the big nerf is justifiable?
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