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It was literally just two shots, head-on, into my cockpit that instantly blew me up. They were heavy lasers. One beam from each wing. about three-quarters of a second between each shot. They were also black with a blue glow. He was a strike fighter.
Nothing against you, but this is impossible. Heavy lasers fire at a rate of two per second and don't do nearly enough damage to two-shot anything ever (otherwise bombers would be even more ridiculous, and people would notice that because everyone's looking for reasons to call bombers ridiculous). There's no way any strike fighter can do enough damage in two shots with any laser to take someone from full hull and full shields all the way to dead without support from allies or missiles.

Can crit hits do that much damage? Even with every possible power upgrade added to it?
Oh, absolutely. Burst cannons crit for over 1600, and slug railguns crit for an even 2400. Both of those numbers are before powerups.

Heavy lasers, though? Not a chance, not without damage overcharge.
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