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A brand new, completely stock strike fighter has 1440 shields and 1450 hull. Burst cannons at point blank range do upwards of 1000 damage per shot. If you're getting two shot, you're probably also eating a cluster in that timeframe, which is another 882 damage.

GSF is fast paced. Lots of kills are made in a second and a half (generously). Don't give your opponents that big a window of opportunity unless you're 100% positive you can get the kill first.
There was no other ships in the vicinity, I'm quite certain he didn't have the power upgrade, and he didn't lock on missiles during that time frame.

It was literally just two shots, head-on, into my cockpit that instantly blew me up. They were heavy lasers. One beam from each wing. about three-quarters of a second between each shot. They were also black with a blue glow. He was a strike fighter.

I've been trying to figure out how he can consistently two-shot our ships and I'm still not seeing it. Not unless the damage boosts were spawning literally in front of him. He was near our spawn, away from the all of upgrades. And he didn't leave to get any, either.

Can crit hits do that much damage? Even with every possible power upgrade added to it?