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So what you are saying is, if I want to play a real dogfighting class in a deathmatch game, that I have to first get three different powerups just to have a CHANCE at doing ANYTHING at all. So get three powerups... run in to the ocean of gunships and mines... kill one maybe two enemies... then get tagged by 4 other railguns since I'll be the only person trying to take them out in a role I enjoy playing. Or I can not try to do that, sit around all day in the hopes that someone will fly to a spot that I can attack them and not get an entire fleet of railguns aimed at me simultaneously and get non contributing debuff. Or I can go with the direction that this game is going, grab a gunship, join the sniperfest and be bored to death all match. Sounds fun and tactical. Yes I occasionally get a match where there is an actual brawl and only 1 or 2 gunships per side and can actually have fun in a huge dogfight but those are becoming far and few, the vast majority are becoming nothing but sniper standoffs.
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