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also the OP needs to understand that bioware is trying to set the stage for real life decisions. not every choice and situation is clearly black and white in the real world. nore as it was for the life of a jedi...

yes, lying is deceptive
the broader picture though, the lie was manufactured to help the situation, not to control it and to use it to the jedi's advantage.

was it wrong to lie? mabye, but the jedi needs to pick the lesser of two evils. its what jedi do, as bioware is trying to put YOU in the jedi's shoes


If youve played any other bioware games, you know this is how they roll when it comes to decisions ingame. lets use a different analogy. a jedi wants to save 40 people from death , but in order to do that, he must inadvertantly let 2people die..does he sacrifice the 2 peeps. either choice he makes someome is going to die...he either needs to find the lesser of two evils, or find the third hidden option to save them all lol.

our first flashpoint was kinda like this, but not on the same level as this arguement. the choice was there to sacrifice others to save a much larger situation, but this choice was clearly good or evil. no gray areas there but you get the point.
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