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Ok, how about.

Can Crafted Modded armor be = to Crafted armor ?
Yes, it just takes more time, effort, and possibly credits. Crafted purple weapons have relatively decent material costs and pretty good stats. To get a Moddable peice to the same stats, you will need to find a Cybertech with the purple mods for your stats and an Artificer with purple enhancements and color crystals for your stats. Havign your custom look = more effort. Where as you can take the pre slotted stuff's are established stats, but are subject to how they look.

EDIT: All of that is assumign you can craft your own weapon and make the proper purple barrel/hilt as well. If not, then you will need to find an Armstech/Artificer that can make the appropriate purple barrel/hilt with your stats on it

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