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What is ridiculous is you protecting a so clearly OP spec that everyone know it, some bads are denying it because...well they are bads and they need an unfair advantage to compete.

Let me explain it to you. There are 4 times (guessing) as many Focus play as anything else (operative healers not counting) so obviously there are more bads playing it especially since it's so *********** easy to play. The difference is bad players from other specs (operative healers not counting again) are terrible, Bad Focus players are tolerable.
And let me explain it to you....the focus players would ONLY be bad and tolerable as you put it, if they are up against other BAD players that are stupid enough to cluster in the same 5m radius, and not use any of the gazillions counters or damage mitigators or cc's that are in the game against the all too obvious one trick pony focus players.

Like I said, the real irony here is that the spec only puts up its high damage numbers when the players its against are clueless, cluster, and don't avail themselves of the countless powers or abilities in the game that allow them to avoid or mitigate that damage.
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