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02.21.2014 , 04:07 PM | #151
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Not sure if serious...

Maybe you are fine derping bads in random warzones but after this change, smash will be dead in arenas.
We need higher single target damage for bursting targets down, smash alone is not enough.
To be fair...I do regularly get 6-7k scream crits after a smash on my juggernaut...which is way higher than the average auto crit I get from vengenace scream and force crush ticks pretty hard. I wouldn't say its single target damage is great, but its certainly not lacking either.

If they want to nerf this spec in such a manner then ya I believe the auto crit should be moved to a single target attack, but personally as I said above I think felling blow and swelling winds should be left alone and singularity should only apply to your selected target. This way you don't gimp the design of aoe spec and the ability to pressure tank/heal combos, but you're also not hitting 5 people for 9k each. I think that is a fair balance for a one trick pony spec.