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Yes, this is universally true. Reason are three ways, starting from most important
1) Other slingers are stealing Hamorrage stacks. In real raid you actually use 3-4 stacks out of 10 for yourself and that is if you keep that in mind and are lucky.
2) You can't really depend on roll damage
3) Spec is really really bad againts low hp targets, also swapping is tricky. If you swap right before reapplying dots, its ok, but if you swap in second part of rotation, your Hemorraging Blast has to be replaced with basic attack, which is meh

Anyway, 1 >>>>> 2 and 3. With no other slingers/scoundrels in raid, df can do wonders
Hm yeah i guess i just didnt realize how much the WB stacks really mattered. The rotation still feels really clunky without being able to roll as well, since snipe and EP seem to take too much energy to fit in there nicely, i dont know. Ill probably stick with hybrid for Nefra,Grob, Tyrans, Raptus, Council, and stay MM for the other five like I had been doing all along.

I thought the devs said they were gonna make changes to the way Laze and TA worked while they were changing orbital, guess they just didnt :/ Something like making laze target make snipe Auto Crit, cost no energy, and be insta cast would make it feel more fluid in lethality and help that rotation a bit without overpowering it, i dont know.

Couldn't find any logs from the past few weeks other than a DP i did last night sadly, theyre buried in a list of hundreds of log files haha.

Skyfâll - MM Sniper - Chosen - 3261.71 DPS -

Skyfâll - Hybrid Sniper - Chosen - 3236.82 DPS -

Calph is always weird, i got stuck kiting raptus instead of going in the challenges, and im always stuck kiting raptus on council, so those logs are all sub par.

I enjoyed the tyrans parse for its 0% crit on both Ambush and Takedown. That'll always help your numbers
Skyfâll - Sniper
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