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It sounds like you did fine. The big beast is the tough one to tank, and you made it past that one.

The three elites(/champions?) you were talking about are not a boss, but just some tough mobs to fight on the way to the last boss. Pulling three at a time is usually a wipe, unless your group is overleveled or the group is overall solid *and* the healer is really good.

You should be able to pull just one at a time, or at most two. Wait for the walking ones to be close, and pull them separately, then try just pulling the nearest one, etc.


If someone is pulling ahead of you and it's giving you trouble, feel free to tell them to stop. The tank should go in first, and they'll know that. This will happen more if you're going slowly, so if you're able you can try to keep a reasonable pace, but even if you're going slowly, they still shouldn't do it, and they should know not to, so just speak up.

Some tanks like to just wait for the dps who pulled to die after giving the first warning. I wouldn't necessarily advocate this, but do at least call them out (pleasantly, if possible).


People can be jerks when the littlest thing doesn't go the right way. If tanking is what you like to do, stick with it. That said, you'll have a lot of experiences where you won't know what to do, but people in your group will expect you to (even if they don't themselves know what to do). There will be times when nobody is both able and willing to explain, and you'll need to tread carefully and try to learn the mechanics on the fly or after a wipe or two.

If you find the going tough, you could try them as dps first (buy the field respec option, and have some dps gear available) to see the fights before you tank them. Or you could watch them on youtube or read a guide. Or just go in and let them know you haven't done it, like you did.

I wouldn't suggest picking up tanking when you get to 55 and not doing any of it while leveling. The leveling flashpoints gradually increase in complexity for the most part, and new twists are added at 50 and 55. You'll want to be comfortable with the class as a tank etc when you get to max level if that's what you're going to do then.