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You seem to be doing all right. It's reasonable to expect level 50-55 players to know the fights, but everyone has to learn sometime, and lowbies are unlikely to have been in a given flashpoint that many times. If you're worried about an upcoming pack of mobs, ask your groupmates if they know anything about them; it never hurts to ask. Keep it up.

One thing to bear in mind is that the tanking trees tend to develop slowly. As a Powertech you're lucky enough to start out with good AoE capabilities, but your rotation won't really come together until you hit level 26 and get 2 points in Hydraulic Shield, and your heat management in longer fights will suck until you get Heat Blast at level 45.
(Guardian/Juggernaut tanks don't have quite the rotation worries, but they have to wait until 26 for their rage management and until 45 for their AoE. Shadow/Assassin tanks get part of their Force management right off the bat, but they don't get the rest of their Force management until 27, and they have to wait all the way until 45 for their AoE and to get their rotation fully together.)
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