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02.20.2014 , 07:29 AM | #1
So i hit 24 on my powertech shield tech BH and i wanted to get some experience in tanking some so i qued up for a flashpoint

I chose Athiss, I never done it before so I told them I've never been here before so i followed the quest markers and groups lead , we take down the first boss fine i kept aggro quite well and got no complaints so far..

Then we take down the big beast before fight they told me to tank against wall so i did. picked up adds as i tanked.

Aftter that we continue and a little trouble establishing aggro from a sith sorcerer but he kept attacking things I have no even hit yet but i just grappled them from him to get aggro.

We get to the third boss fight ? i think ( i have no clue really, )

It was 3 guys in a room so i aggroed them since no one explained what to do

Well apparently you need to pull each one out which i now know. We managed to kill 2 of them before I died and i kept aggro on all three for the most part and used cool downs to negate damage taken when i could but the whole fight the sith sorcer kept calling me an idiot and a noob(which I am a noob lol) and told me i should not be tanking.

I got no complaints before that,. no instructions before the encounter i just thought well got to keep em on me , interupt and avoid damage when I can.

I am not really sure if I should continue down tanking path or not? Should I join a guild and only tank with guild mates and friends and not bother with random flash point tanking? Is it normal for the SWTOR community to act this way towards new players?

I really like playing defender roles in most games, the one who takes the hits but I am not really sure if SWTOR is the right community for me. I always thought low level like 24 is the point where you want to learn things about the role you want to do at endgame...or do i need to wait to max level to start tanking?