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02.19.2014 , 03:12 PM | #35
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People being rewarded for their efforts pushed you over the edge? That's just sad. I hope things start going better for you.
It's been building up for a long time. This is just the cherry on the sundae. There are not going to be class and companion story extensions, there is no cosmetic window, no proper housing, and I've completed what I'm interested in doing, and crafting/collecting cartel rubbish isn't enough to hold me. There is nothing on the horizon of interest to me. Not to mention most of my toons are so disfigured looking right now, I can't even bear to run them about. Been waiting for them to fix the maxi pad glitch for ages now.

I would have welcomed a chance to earn some nice things, because I do believe in working for stuff, I'm just not a pvper, and its become painfully obvious, that the people who run this favour the content they've given, but the way pve people are treated, as evidenced by the forum scuffle from the last event about pveers getting endlessly griefed and such.

It's just become obvious to me, that it's time to go. You know what they say, when it stops being fun...stop doing it.