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If you don't like that they only give rewards for ranked players then don't read it. Move on.
And you just want to troll and cause turmoil. Insulting people and wanting to argue. Hidding behind your keyboard like a "warrior".


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You are whining. You are whining that you are not getting a reward for not participating in something. If you want the reward, do what you need to to get it. It's as simple as that. It's like saying I work too, I should also make 150k a year like the other guy.
Nothing is whining about anything said. It is the truth. I pay for the game and will voice my opinion when I feel I get slapped in the face by Bioware. I am NOT ABLE to get these rewards because Ranked never pops!! If it did, I would be able to get them, easily. So, explain how that is whining. It's a fact, and very unfair, not whining.