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02.19.2014 , 01:52 PM | #20
  • No word about separate reward for those who queued for 4v4 Group Ranked. Bioware, you just officially killed Group Ranked scene and ANY motivation for really skilled and dedicated PvP players to play your game.
  • Also Tier rating breakdown is just laughable. 1100 rating is like 35% win ratio. There's no motivation for players to go higher then 1500+ which is 50% winrate I assume. Tier 5 should start from 1500+
  • Quote:
    rating we are using to determine the Tier you are in is Highest Earned, not Current
    Since Season 1 started there was 2 major patches and various class changes. So rating which was earned in OP team composition are officially legit?
  • Also Rancor looks like a Clown with this silly yellow and purple backlight.