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12.24.2011 , 03:46 PM | #25
Might as well post here... Fearfire here... Let's see I started out in -UA- back in their prime, then switched to the main PvP guild of the time and continued to do so until i quit a little over a year ago. I think the main PvP guild at the time was LoS. And we always fought against RDP. Anyway, I hope to see some of the former PvPers play this game... eventually we will all move to the same server.

People I remember playing with a lot were: Caim Straken, Trenton, Dark-Zero, Compton, Boopi, Akar, Cye Gwazi, Tigiar, Amksed, Cody, Dillion, StillOne, and of course Weezy.

So post here, if only to show other Sunrunnerians that you exist today.
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